About Part 5


These documents are derivative of the various versions available from the New York State Department of Health. Compare the versions at NYSDOH, their division of water (Bureau of Water Supply Protection - BWSP versions), and versions obtained from requests to the NYSDOH or NYSDOS.

New York also has an official printed version. Actual wording of the rules is no longer published in the State Register, although notices and other useful information are.

Attempts have been made to correct the errors in Part 5 here. Small errors and omissions have been corrected. The intent of the code has not been altered. Since these documents admittedly do not match the versions available from NYSDOH, do not use them for litigation.


2021-05-14: Updated table 9A to 2018 version. Had forgotten to do so.

2020-09-15: Finished and uploaded. Now current to 2020-08-26 Part 5-1.

2020-09-11: Started updating to current version. 2018 and 2020 changes not complete yet. NYSDOH web version not available yet. NYSDOH pdf version is still 2018.

2018-09-25: Very late updating code to new version.

2018-01-23: Appendix 5C updated.

2018-01-17: Subpart 5-1 and Appendix 5C amended by NY. See State Register. To do: update versions here.

2014-01-27: Recent changes to Part 5 closely follow the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations (40CFR141). In some cases, Part 5 has not caught up with the Federal rules (e.g. Lead and Copper, DBP2). In some cases Part 5 is not as stringent as the Federal rules, which might be another way of saying Part 5 hasn't caught up. Always check 40CFR141 when considering rule based actions.

2012-08-24: Chapters finished.

2012-07-30: New "Ten States" water design manual announced. See their website. In process of updating this version (which includes extra links). Done through Chapter 2. NYSDOH plans to incorporate the 2012 edition into Part 5 (as Appendix A) - 2007 version is currently referenced.

2012-02-03: NYSDOH releases revised November 9, 2011 Part 5-1 (modification date 2012-01-12). In addition to the previously announced changes, various sections have style updates (commas, semicolons, capitalization, section naming convention, or other syntactic changes. These are not reflected in the section effective dates. Some orthographic inconsistencies do still remain. The revised edition may be reflective of the official version.

2011-12-21: To do: double check. BWSP printed version not available pending revisions.

2011-12-20: To do: update 1.1, 1.30, Appendix C, double check.

2011-12-14: Got SR copy.

2011-12-13: Began updating corrected versions here. To do: update 1.1, 1.30, tables; get SR copy; check everything. BWSP version is not updated (except tables are).

2011-11-09: Part 5-1 amended. See State Register for this date.

2008-01-25: Corrected(?) hypertext version of 2007 Recommended Standards for Water Works created. Check for errors.

2008-01-16: GLUMRB 2007 Recommended Standards for Water Works is available (in MSWord format). Part 5 still references the 2003 version.

2007-10-24: NYSDOH now has the current versions of 5-1 and 5C.

2007-07-18: Public Health Law §1125 changed to remove $125,000 dollar limitation on emergency plans and replace with 3300 persons. Part 5 must now be revised to reflect the new PHL requirements (and updates to 40CFR141 which are not yet incorporated (like LCR,GWR,LT2,DBP2).

2007-07-03: The NYSDOS version appears to be up to date. Copies are available at $0.25/page from DOS.

2006-12-12: Updated based upon NYSDOH official revisions.

2006-12-11: Started updating to November 1, 2006 code, which incorporates the"Arsenic Rule". NYSDOH site has formatting errors and points to BWSP versions of the Tables (November 23, 2005) and 5C (May 26, 2004). Have not yet received Rule Maker version of changes from NYSDOH.

2006-01-25: On or about January 13, 2006, NYSDOH put the current versions of 5B, 5C, and 5D on the BWSP version (including the changes to 5-1.22) but did not update the effective dates. 5C has all the typographical errors the original 2004 version had. The NYSDOH site has the correct effective dates, but still points to the BWSP site for the tables and 5C. NYSDOH is missing 5D. The BWSP html and pdf versions generally agree with each other (typos in 5C, wrong dates).

2005-12-29: DOS version received. Adjustments made.

2005-12-27: Version here based on draft - DOS has not sent text yet. NYSDOH version updated (but has formatting, etc. errors).

2005-11-23: Of the complete versions, the NYSDOH web version is most correct, but lacks the tables and most appendices. The Water Division versions are out of date (especially Appendix C - their version is from 2003). The official printed version has not been seen.

10NYCRR5-1 Unofficial Change Log

Date links below are to NYSDOH official (rule maker) versions of the changes. See the State Register to obtain yours directly. Other links are to NYSDOH versions.


1981-06-24 version (used in 80's)

1977-06-24, 1972-08-03 filing, 1967-03-15

1953-07-01 version (still in use in Dutchess in 1962)

2003 Ten States version

1997 Ten States version