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227,430aengliff.jpg Sue and Sue peer over the 70m limestone cliff in the first ring of Dun Aengus. The west coast of Inishmore is visible in the background
144,015aengulee.jpg Lee sits on a rock above the same cliff. It felt solid at the time. The inner wall of Dun Aengus is in the background.
129,125aengus.jpg Sue and Sue peer over the cliff at Dun Aengus.
79,317aengusbk.jpg The inside of Dun Aengus looking south over the Atlantic.
265,106biatwins2.jpg The dock at Rossaveel. Ferry Discovery in background.
65,818brand00.jpg The road just before Brandon Head. Clogher Head on the left.
84,480brandon.jpg Looking west back toward Ballyferitter and Brandon. The sun is behind the rain.
109,205cheek.jpg SueP looks out over the Atlantic from 1st ring of Dun Aengus.
63,518clarecas.jpg A ruin of a castle (1.25 walls) stand in a field outside of Ennis.
217,963claresue.jpg SueF rides down a winding hill outside of Ennis.
168,995clifden.jpg The alley in the middle of the Clifden town square. The cathedral spire is in the background.
212,877clochan.jpg The Clochan on Inishmore. Sue and Lee crouch in doorway.
95,281crumpisl.jpg Crump Island is in the background as SueP rides up a steep road after Rinvyle castle.
47,606darcybb.jpg Last morning. Getting ready to ride to Shannon. The front of the B&B.
115,091dingbow2.jpg Looking east from the shed on Dunmore Head at the double rainbow. Significant processing done to picture.
67,451doolinbb.jpg Bikes parked on the south wall of the B&B at Doolin.
61,557doolisle.jpg The small island which protects the rocky harbor of Doolin. Taken from Doolin dock. Note small stone hut.
120,350dooland.jpg Looking south back at the surf breaking over Doolin's island with the Cliffs of Moher in the background.
78,593door-typ.jpg On the low road of Inishmore.
132,891dunmorsl.jpg The face of Dunmore Head (the end of Dingle peninsula) from Slea Head. The shed is barely visible and the ship wreck less so. dunmorh.jpg looks along cliff.
117,140dunmorh.jpg The classic jagged shore postcard: view E along Dunmore Head. The Blasketts disappear into the mist (rain shower is heading our way).
88,083dwindwav.jpg The wind blowing the surf on the small island in Doolin harbor. Taken from the ferry.
125,063fermsbow.jpg Mom and Sue duck from the wind on the bow of the Happy Hooker. Note the water on their backpacks.
146,417ferrwave.jpg Muriel and SueP duck as a wave splashes over the rail of the Discovery between Kilronan and Inishmaan.
141,023fersmall.jpg SueP in the stern of the first ferry (Tranquillity) from Doolin to Inisheer.
81,755fourstor.jpg SueF at the four story castle at Gallarus.
42,144gortnag2.jpg Recent buildings in Gort na gCapall, Inishmore
24,124gortnagC.jpg Old buildings in Gort na gCapall, Inishmore.
253,996happyh.jpg SueP on the Inisheer dock in front of the Happy Hooker.
380,448inchding.jpg Sue and Sue on the beach (strand) of Inch. The Dingle peninsula is in the background.
271,736inchkerr.jpg Sue and Sue on the beach (strand) of Inch. The ring of Kerry is in the background.
43,879kiluplog.jpg Looking over Upper Lough toward Moll's Gap.
36,724kitten.jpg SueP and a calico.
131,142kyleloug.jpg Looking south over Kylemore Lough and the verdant mountains behind it.
26,794lahilisc.jpg Lahinch and Liscannor from the Cliffs of Moher.
135,328leehinch.jpg Lee's first touch of the Atlantic in the old world. Liscannor and beginning of Moher Cliffs in background.
128,319limefrac.jpg A close up of the fractured, dissolved limestone crust which forms the Arans. Just west of the Inisheer lighthouse.
30,039liscabay.jpg Liscannor Bay from the Cliffs of Moher.
314,176meerabby.jpg The abbey on Inisheer.
85,639meerlths.jpg The lighthouse and freighter hulk on Inisheer as seen from the ferry from Doolin.
194,387meerltsu.jpg SueP poses with the Inisheer lighthouse in the background.
258,366meerrock.jpg SueP on the rocky shore west of the lighthouse on Inisheer.
238,822meerwall.jpg Looking west from the top of Inisheer.
186,707mohercow.jpg Cattle in a field by the side of the road along the Cliffs of Moher, just south of the visitor's center.
72,234mohedge.jpg Sue Payette looks over the cliff edge at the spike.
130,323mohergeo.jpg Sedimentary layers at the Cliffs from O'Brien's Tower.
76,457mohsmoke.jpg The cliffs burn just below O'Brien's tower.
93,273mohspike.jpg Looking down on the spike at the point (tower behind us).
55,934mohspkbs.jpg The south west corner of the base of the spike is missing.
84,410mohtower.jpg O'Brien's tower at the top of the Cliffs of Moher.
87,540mohvib.jpg Lee standing on the vibrating stone at the edge backlit by the sun with the cliffs in the background.
161,212molllesu.jpg Looking south at Moll's Gap.
20,381morecow.jpg A matched pair of cow in a corral at An Sruthian, Inishmore.
120,947moredoor.jpg A ruined barn(?) on the north coast of Inishmore.
202,767morels.jpg Lee and Sue in the ruined barn(?). Galway Bay to the north.
204,768morepose.jpg Lee and Sue in the ruined barn(?). Galway Bay to the north.
33,358mudstone.jpg Detail of worm tracks in mudstone slabs used as fencing at Cliffs of Moher. These slabs are about half a meter high and two meters long.
203,081panzert.jpg The second ring at Dun Aengus with the jagged stones beyond. Looking NW.
155,088quinabby.jpg The Abbey at Quin.
73,923quinview.jpg Looking west from the Abbey at Quin.
114,378rinstair.jpg Detail of the spiral stair of Rinvyle castle.
152,733rinvyle.jpg The inside of Rinvyle castle.
101,850skyjack.jpg Mom and Jack eating lunch on the north side of the north fork of the Sky Road.
98,387skytops.jpg SueP at the top of the Sky Road. Talbot Island in background.
154,689sleapin.jpg SueF crosses the stream in a hairpin on the south Slea Head road.
137,182sleanor.jpg Looking N from Slea Head. The beach is visible.
135,958sleax.jpg SueP pays respect at Slea Head.
374,628tralee.jpg Sue and Sue stretch in front of the Royal Liver Assurance office on Denny Street in Tralee.
156,249tullylak.jpg Jack and SueP ride down Tully Mountain with Tully Lake on the left and some of the Twelve Bens in the background (the east).
110,462wormlee.jpg Lee sitting on the rocky "shore" at the Worm Hole with the Atlantic breaking in the back.
92,373wormsue.jpg SueP watching the Worm Hole.
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